“I received my first batch of Lori’s Homemade as a gift from a friend and have got to say they are the best cookies I have every had in my life and it really wasn’t that close.  I finished the last cookie without saving half for my wife and when she found them gone, she wouldn’t speak to me for days.  Thank God I was able to get in touch with Lori who made me an emergency batch so I could surprise my wife and save my marriage.  When I say the best cookies, I mean the BEST, period!”
“I am pleased to offer your quality cookies for my clients  each year at the holidays and they all talk about them throughout the year. That alone has made my business more connected with my clients and looked at in a more positive way. It gives us a positive edge on our competition.”

“cookie heaven….That’s where I want to go when I die. Specifically surrounded by these magical chunks of happiness!”

“Lori, your cookies were a huge hit! You have a customer for life.”